In the Church today, there is a dearth of purity as there are many contenders against our purity. What in essence is purity? It is the state of being undiluted with extraneous material. It is the state of being unalloyed, a state of originality.

Purity covers every facet of our lives – our marital relationships, our interpersonal relationships, in our use of money, in our manner of dressing to mention a few.

To ensure purity of heart, the Christian must be very particular as to what enters him or comes out of him. What we allow into our minds will certainly affect our spiritual lives either by igniting or quenching the flame in us. As we seek revival. It is paramount that we do all to guard the fuel and spirit in us.

Many of us have been modified either by what we saw, heard, experienced, pressure, marriage and so on and our sweetness is gone. We are not what God wants us to be. Let us ask God to bring back our purity; make us the person He formed at the beginning again. Let us look into our heart and discover what has modified us and taken away our innocence and ask God to restore our originality.

Culled from Praise & Prayer (PPC) July – Sept., 2015

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