Refine the Gold is an ethnographic study of Nassarawa State.

Nassarawa State is located in the Middle-Belt region of Nigeria, Latitudes of Central position 080-35′ and Longitudes of Central position 08 2F. It is bounded to the north-west by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, to the northeast by Plateau State, to the southeast by Taraba State, to the north by Kaduna State, to the south by Benue State and to the southwest by Kogi State. It has a land area of 27,117 square kilometers (Approximate Landmass).

The state was created out of the former Plateau State of Nigeria on the first of October, 1996, with Lafia as the capital city. It has thirteen Local Government Areas namely, Akwanga, Awe, Doma, Karu, Keana, Keffi, Kokona, Lafia, Nassarawa, Nassarawa Eggon, Obi, Toto and Wamba. The state was governed by Governor Aliu Akwe Doma as at when this research was carried out.

Nassarawa State is made up of plain lands and hills measuring up to 300ft above the sea level at some points. The highlands are around Nassarawa Eggon, Akwanga and Wamba Local Government Areas while the rest of the state lies in a lowland region, which is very fertile for agriculture. One of the important rivers in the state is River Mada, which passes through Gudi, Mada station and Bassan Zerengi and flows into River Benue. Other rivers are Ayini and Assakio. There are also natural ponds along the major river valleys which made fishing one of their major occupations.
Tourist Attractions in the state include:
Farin Ruwa Waterfalls, Wamba.
Waterfalls of Eggon and Awa Hills in Nassarawa.
Mada and Rukubi Hills in Akwanga.
Numa Rock, Akwanga.
Efugogiri Hill in Doma.
Mail Rumba Rock, Doma.
Giza Crocodile Pond in Gizar
Akiri Warm Spring, Azara.
Hunku Ox-bow Lake in Awe.
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