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A Harvest of Peace is an ethnographic study of Plateau State.

Plateau State, which has a landmass of 54,232 sq km, is situated at latitude 11″ north and longitude 70″ east. The State bounded by Kaduna and Bauchi States in the north, Taraba in the east, Nassaraw in the south, Kogi and Federal Capital Territory in the west.

The State got its name from the geographical features that is, the tableland, which is one of the only two plateaus in Nigeria. The other is Mambilla plateau in Taraba State. The Jos plateau has an average height of 1200 meters above sea level. However on the plateau are other highlands like Shere-hills with a peak over 2500 meters above sea level and Leadership Mountain School Jos. The landscape rises from the plain of River Benue (south) and descends towards Bauchi State (north-east).

The climate of the State is closest to the temperate climate though the State is located in the tropical zone. It is particularly very cold in the month of December through February. This particularly attracted churches, mission agencies and foreign firms to maintain Rest houses in and around Jos town for their staff. This also made some of them to prefer spending their vacation or have permanent duty stations in Jos, the State capital.

The annual rainfall varies from 131.75cm in the southern part to 146cm on the plateau. Interestingly rain could be seen falling in one part of Jos town while other parts may be sunny and dry. The rainy season begins from April and lasts till October or November. The climate of the State predicts the type of vegetable it has. Therefore, the predominant vegetation is savanna, tropical grass and scattered trees of acacia, shear, and baobabs in the north and dense forest in the south.

The majority of people in the State are local farmers with locally made implements like hoes, sickles and the rest. Their farm produce includes, yam, maize, guinea-corn, potatoes, rice, acha, cassava and so on. Apart from farming, a good number of them keep livestock while others are involved in weaving, trading, carving, carpentry or mining. However, the economy of the state is highly hinged on agriculture… Order Now!