Rescue the Trophy is an ethnographic study of Benue State.

Adoka is one of the districts in the Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State.  They migrated from Apa as a result of war in the area.  The name of their ancestor is Okalekwo.   He had 3 sons; Adoka, Enyinkwola and Ode.  The district is called after the name of the first born.  They speak Idoma language.  The villages are accessible but a few are bad during the rainy season.

Birth:  Babies are dedicated to the gods they worship.  Oracle is consulted to know about the future of child.  Circumcision is done for male children.

Marriage:  A boy or man interested in a girl gives her a gift which she shows her parents.  Parents check on the character of the family their child is going to marry.  The boy voluntarily goes to the farm of the girl’s parents to help them from time to time.  A day is fixed to pay the dowry and on the evening to the day,a the boy’s parents with other members of the family visit the girl’s parents, pay the dowry, the next day for celebration, about 2 months later the girl is taken to her husband’s home.

Burial:  Burial for an old man, mostly the eldest in his family or clan is very large and involves many rituals.  Elders from different clans are informed.  In the evening gun shots are used to announce the death to villagers.  The Alekwu cult visit the corpse and perform rituals for making his mask.  Women r not allowed to see them.  The corpse is bathed and wrapped from head to toe (leaving the face open) with burial cloth (Opa).

In the morning, the body is made to sit outside on a pot with his back resting on his tree of worship (Oda Owo) where he worshipped his ancestors while alive.  One of the elders give thanks to the ancestors for the life of the deceased and those that have need to communicate to their dead ones are given the chance to tell the corpse.  It is believed that when he gets to the world beyond he will deliver their message…  Order Now!